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New to Canterbury Yoga

Thursday evenings 7.15 – 8.45

Next session is Oct 25th

Introducing Nadia Menichetti from Italy

Quantum awakening with Singing bowls in The Yoga Room in Highfield House

Accelerate your evolution, let go of old conditioning memories and awaken your true essence through the sound vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, vocal tones and the language of the soul. Open yourself up to a new state of being.

Nadia Menichetti is a sensitive healer who  has spent many years studying the mysteries of the universe and quantum theory, she uses the power of sound to heal and awaken mind and body. These sessions will be in small groups so booking is essential.

Cost is £10.00

To book  or inquire further  contact  Nadia 07564 983415 –


Sunday November 4th 2018 9.30 – 4.30pm

Yoga Sankalpa- the Power of Positive Affirmation

With Swami Shantamurti of the Bihar School of Yoga

In this modern world we are continually been subjected to many different forces and situations creating conflicting desires within us.

This disperses our energies making it difficult to focus on what is our real heart’s desire and how to fulfil our true purpose in life.

This workshop gives the opportunity to explore why and where these desires arise from and guides us through the relevant yoga practices to discover the one desire at a deeper level of our consciousness that promises true happiness.

The ancient concept of Yoga Sankalpa or Positive Affirmation enables us to embed a powerful resolve in the subconscious level of our psyche which can resonate positively in our everyday life and relationships.

This programme is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness but only for those who already have a knowledge of yoga.  It is advised to wear light loose clothing. Yoga mats etc. are provided if necessary.

Cost £40.00 for the day.

Contact Shanta to book your place

Tel: 07581 059882


Workshop with Charles Lambrou

Charles is a healer, meditation teacher and author of the transformational book “The

Alchemist’s Way.”  He Lives in India and teaches internationally.

Charles’ fusion of meditation, tantra, qigong, Hara Yoga, breath work and movement for a

healthy mind, body and spirit started in the 1990s, he has studied with masters in India and

Japan. For more information go to


Saturday     November      17th  10.00   -4.00

Three  Steps —De-stress  and  connect

The three steps is a technique that will deepen your meditation, help you becoming

embodied  and shift long standing difficult patterns of emotion, behaviour and thinking. It is

a simple yet powerful way of working with the nervous system and experience the body’s

self-regulating forces in action. Self-regulation is the key to health, wellbeing and to healing

the symptoms of stress, so you can become aware of the stillness and silence within.

Cost £70.00  or £50.00  if booked   by November   3rd

For both days wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and blanket.

Bring your own packed lunch but tea and coffee will be provided.

Booking with Cora Kemball-Cook or Tel: 07711 830275

Magical Retreat in Goa

 Feb 17th – March 2nd 2019

There will be early morning yoga with Cora Kemball-Cook and evening sessions of Qigong, Hara healing and meditation with Charles Lambrou . Further information on the website

Staying at a delightful beach front resort in North Goa

Accommodation in cosy en suite bamboo bungalows.

Cost breakdown:

Course fee: £525.(please note this is a reduced rate for Canterbury yoga students.)  Flights approx £600.00 and accommodation and food approx £500.

 Sunday November 25th  10.00 – 4.30

A Journey to balance and stillness

with Joanna Fiakkas

This day will be an opportunity to slow down and create space in order to allow ourselves the opportunity to listen to our bodies more attentively as well as explore the experience of being- physically, emotionally, mentally – without holding judgments and expectations.

The morning will be more active and will focus mostly on the physical aspects of our experience and in particular balancing asanas as these more readily demand our immediate attention. The afternoon will focus on the more subtle yogic practices of pranayama and relaxation as a route to finding inner balance and stillness.

Jo is a qualified BWY teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2008 and practising since 1999. She places a strong emphasis on the breath and its connection to movement as well as its connection and impact emotionally and mentally. She has a particular interest in the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and how these can enhance physical and breathing practices as well as chanting and meditation.

Cost £35.00 or £30 if paid before November 2nd
For bookings/queries contact:-  phone 07932 761237


Saturday December 1st 10.00 – 4.00

Practice, Perception and Patience

with Peter Blackaby

Perception is a key aspect to the practice of yoga, and the interpretation of what we perceive can have a strong influence on how we feel in the world. We may unconsciously overlay a psychological value to a physical perception, and this is often useful. A feeling of excitement that accompanies the perception of a racing heart, faster breathing and tensing muscles is quite appropriate; but a feeling of fear at the mention of the word head-balance might not be so useful.

This workshop will be exploring the possibility that we sometimes put the wrong psychological value on a neutral physical experience. As we learn to distinguish the difference between simple physical sensation and historical psychological values we start to gain some insight into why we respond to life in the way that we do.

Peter is a popular yoga teacher and author of the book Intelligent Yoga who will share his deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and encourages us to foster a spirit of enquiry into how our practice feels. These sessions are most suited to teachers and long term students as Peter will be encouraging you to look at theory as well as practice.

Bring your usual yoga equipment and vegetarian food to share. Hot drinks will be provided.

Cost is £50.00

Cheques payable to C. Kemball-Cook or contact for details of BACS payment

Email to confirm you are coming to or 07711 830275


Sunday December 2nd

Restful Wisdom of Winter

with Karin van Maanen

The wisdom of winter is a summons to rest. Many of us do not heed this call in the run up to the festive season but this Sunday morning will give you the opportunity to practice restful, restorative yoga and meditation applying Embodied Yoga Principles to explore the embodiment and felt sense of winter in our bodies, as well as physically and mentally prepare for the rest of December, the winter solstice and the New Year.

Regular price £28, £20 for those on low incomes & a limited number of by donation places also available.

Book with Karin: