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Yoga classes for all levels of ability
in a purpose built studio


Lotus & Rose Yoga Day

The Dance of Life!

Sunday 19th November 2017

An uplifting day of gentle yoga practices, creative dance and chanting
with Nina Dhiman & Julie Page

Proceeds will go to Opening Your Heart to Bhutan,

UK registered charity set up by Emma Slade, Buddhist Nun:

10am – 3.30pm at Highfield House Yoga Studio, Summer Hill, Harbledown, Canterbury, CT2 8NH. Cost: £30.

To book your place contact Nina on: 07971090927      Email:

Please bring a vegetarian lunch for sharing. Refreshments will be provided.

If you’d like to share this event please download the flyer below:

Yoga Day Poster Nov 19th



Summer Yoga Sessionss

Reduced timetable during August with drop in classes available. Pay only £8.00 a class if you book 3 sessions in advance, otherwise cost is £10 each.

Click here for full August timetable


Chair based yoga

Mondays November 6th – December 11th

11.30 – 12.30

This NEW class offers gentle exercise for anyone with limited movement or for anyone who simply prefers to use a chair rather than the floor.
The class is aimed at anyone who would benefit from gentle exercise based on a chair. This could include older people, people recovering from operations, those suffering from stress, office or chair-based workers who would like to learn some new exercise techniques, people with weight problems or with limited movement – in short, anyone who would find chair-based exercise preferable to floor-based work. Exercises are chair-based, with some standing exercises by the chair where appropriate. The class always includes some breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation, both of which help with relaxation and aid better sleep.


For further information about the class or to book your place, please contact:

the tutor, Dr Susan Jeffery, 01304 620467 or email

Staying Mindful In A Mindless World



7.30 -9.00

It is a wonderful opportunity to receive the teachings of an authentic Tibetan master in Kent. His teachings have been described as ‘sparkling’, very accessible and Rinpoche speaks fluent English.

One of the great challenges for any spiritual practice is to remain true to the precepts when outer circumstances seem to be pulling us away from them. In fact, the apparent impediments to our spiritual practice can become spurs to our spiritual growth if they are understood correctly and dealt with skilfully. We are then, particularly blessed by the teachings of Matul Rinpoche whose profound understanding of Tibetan Buddhism has been reached in one of the most painful, strife torn periods of Tibetan history.

There is also the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat with Matul Rinpoche on


Oct 7th -8th

Please find details and easy booking for Matul Rinpoche’s visit this October. Just click on the links.
Public Talk –
Weekend Retreat –


The Spirit of Yoga – Workshops in 2017

August 20th, Sept 30th, November 11th

10:00am to 4:00pm each day

Offering you the opportunity to explore a yoga topic in depth with a small group of like-minded people and highly qualified yoga teachers. The topics chosen are not usually taught in-depth in weekly classes, but can significantly deepen your practice and experience of yoga.

Teachers:    Lina Newstead, Emma Slade, Peter Blackaby, Antonia Boyle, Ginny Kempster

Cost:         £40 per workshop if booking for 1 workshop

                  £35 per workshop if booking for 2 or more

 Yoga for ultimate health of brain, back & heart Sun August 20th with Lina Newstead

Research has shown how many Yoga practices are good to keep the back, brain & heart healthy.  Come and practice the ones that have been highlighted as especially effective.

Yoga and Buddhism Ÿ Saturday September 30th with Emma Slade

Asana, compassion and meditation practices

Bones, Fascia, Muscles & Human Beings November 11th with Peter Blackaby

Develop a deeper understanding of anatomy relevant to yoga

2018 workshops

Chakras for Everyone Sat January 27th   with Ginny Kempster

Bringing awareness to the chakras can change our practice immeasurably

Neuro Linguistic programming to revitalise your Yoga    Sat February 24th  with Antonia Boyle

Exploring the Yoga perspective on Time through Meditation Sat March 17th with Lina Newstead

An exciting selection of workshops all designed to enable you to progress and deepen your yoga practice from experienced tutors in a lovely relaxing setting


2017/18 Spirit of Yoga Tutors

Antonia Boyle

Antonia is an experienced yoga teacher who discovered Neuro-linguistic programming 30 years ago and realised that much of its teaching could help to enhance our own practice of yoga and meditation. The day will be an introduction to some of the principles of NLP and will be suitable for both yoga teachers and students of yoga. Antonia promises that not only will the day be fun but will give you lots of practical ideas to take away and to help improve your own yoga and/or your teaching.


Peter Blackaby

Peter is an extremely popular and well know yoga teacher and author of the book « Intelligent yoga » whose original training in osteopathy gives him tremendous insight into the anatomy of asana work. It will be a chance to examine and understand at a deep level the real effects of yoga on the body. During the last twenty years or so there has been a marked change in ideas of how pain needs to be managed, in particular chronic pain. This workshop will explore the implications of recent research for the yoga teacher and practitioner.


Virgina (Ginny)Kempster

Ginny has been teaching since 1990 and also trained in yoga therapy in 1994. She has taught many yoga weekends, workshops in the UK, Europe and America. She has trained with many yoga teachers including Sandra Sabatini in Italy. She is strongly influenced in her teaching by the work of Vanda Scaravelli. Ginny works to bring acute attention to the sensations which are occurring naturally in our bodies all the time and to guide awareness to the actions and reactions which result from them. Awareness of the Chakras and their influence on our Yoga practice can change the practice immeasurably, deepening and enriching it.


Lina Newstead

Lina has been practising Yoga since 1975, gaining experience with Yoga teachers from many different traditions.  She has taught Yoga to adults, children, pregnant women, the elderly and to students with special needs such as MS. She is a BWY Foundation Course & Diploma course tutor.  She also teaches private classes, retreats & monthly meditation days at a Quaker Healing Centre in Surrey. Her day will include asana, pranayama and meditation specifically to aid a healthy back, brain and heart.


Emma Slade aka Ani Pema Deki

Emma is a popular local yoga teacher who after an exciting career in finance discovered yoga and meditation and trained to become a yoga teacher and then 4 years ago underwent another transformation to become a Buddhist nun and to be renamed Ani Pema Deki. She has recently written a book called Set Free about her unusual journey and her aim at present is for her work to support charitable projects in Bhutan. Find out more at . The day will be a day to understand the essential nature of Hatha yoga and its connection to Buddhism.

Cost: £40 per workshop if booking for 1 workshop OR £35 if booking for 2 or more

If you are a BWY teacher these workshops acquire 5 IST points per day.

Full details of each day and booking from Cora 07711 830 275