Covid19 guidance

Cora Kemball-Cook // 9 September 2020

Covid19 guidance
Cora Kemball-Cook // 9 September 2020

Covid19 guidelines for the studio
• Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class to allow for studio cleaning. Wait in your car if necessary.
• Sanitise your hands on arrival.
• Wear a mask as you arrive and leave as at these times it may be harder to keep to social distancing (it is not compulsory to wear masks during the class.)
• Keep to social distancing in cloakroom and corridor area with no more than 2 people in this area at a time. Wait outside if necessary until the area is clear to enter.
• Floor markings will indicate where to place your mat.
• As the room will be well ventilated wear adequate clothing on cold days
• Come dressed for yoga and only bring what is essential with you.
• Bring the yoga equipment you usually use and water – mat, block, blanket, and cushion.
• Only 8 people will be allowed in each class so do keep to the class you have booked for or there may not be space.
• We recommend payment by bank transfer if possible rather than cash.

When not to attend a class
• If you have a high temperature
• A new continuous cough
• Loss of sense of smell or taste
• Have been in contact with anyone suffering from Covid 19 symptoms in the last 14 days.

Please contact us after a class
• If you find out that you have been in close proximity to someone with Covid 19
• If you show any symptoms of Covid 19

Necessary protocols will be carried out if there is any possibility a teacher or student has visited the studio and is showing symptoms of Covid19. We will do our best to ensure everyone is safe and well and most importantly that they enjoy their yoga!