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Cora Kemball-Cook // 18 October 2021

How does yoga benefit the heart? There is evidence that by improving our breathing we help to improve the health of the heart so breathing practices and pranayama are an important part of yoga practice. Also stress puts a strain on the heart so yoga will help us deal better with stress. Postures that help … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 12 October 2021

Harmony  Last week we explored the word harmony and how yoga could help us to find it.  Essentially it means “agreement of ideas, feelings, or actions” It originally comes from a Latin word and is associated with music and a combination of tones pleasing to the ear.  “Happiness is when what you think, what you … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 2 October 2021

yoga is one of the best forms of preventative medicine and together with a healthy diet a way of staying healthy well into old age.

Cora Kemball-Cook // 25 September 2021

September 2021 It has been such a strange year for so many of us. It’s September and we are starting back the term with live classes again which is great. A few people are opting to continue with Zoom which is fine as I am going to teach a zoom session on a Tuesday at … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 9 September 2020

Covid19 guidelines for the studio • Sanitise your hands on arrival. • Wear a mask as you arrive and leave as at these times it may be harder to keep to social distancing (it is not compulsory to wear masks during the class.) • Keep to social distancing in cloakroom and corridor area with no … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 13 October 2017

A Summary of some teachings from Matul Rinpoche at Canterbury yoga Oct 7th- 8th Most people’s minds are easily distracted and are all the time actively seeking distractions to avoid boredom. Our ordinary mind is not in a good state to achieve wisdom as the distractions allow us to avoid thinking about the important things … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 3 October 2017

You may come to a weekly class or have had a break from yoga but something drew you to it in the first place and I think it is an awareness of the value of yoga. Yoga works on so many different levels – body, mind and spirit and this is why it is so … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 3 October 2017

THE BRITISH WHEEL OF YOGA FOUNDATION COURSE IN YOGA STUDIES CANTERBURY, KENT 2018 Come on a Yoga journey to explore together with like minded people who share your passion for Yoga This course is an excellent way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga. It includes practical and theoretical work on the eight limbs … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 9 September 2013

I normally have a theme for each week which often includes a reading from a spiritual text and information about the yoga asanas we have been practicing. Here is an example of a typical text that might be spoken about Harmony Yoga is a harmony. Not for him for who eats too much, or for … Read More

Cora Kemball-Cook // 9 September 2013

I  am very excited about launching the new website for Canterbury Yoga. This has taken a while to develop but I am delighted that it is finally going live. Thanks to Dave and Laurence for all the work they have put into and also to Peter Edlin who took many of the photos. It was … Read More